Travel Planning Expert

Have you ever thought of hiring a Travel Planning Expert? If one of the situations below rings a bell, then this is the answer to your problems!

✓ You want to plan your own trip but you are not sure where to start, where to go and what to buy

✓ You have a limited number of vacation days so you want to be sure to make the most out of them

✓ You don’t have time figuring out the ins and outs of travel planning but still want to go on a trip that truly suits your tastes

✓ You think that organized tours are too expensive and there must be a way to travel cheaper

I can help you solve all that. Let me be your Travel Planning Expert!

What I can do for you:

  • Help you select the perfect destination based on your budget and travel interests
  • Go through a thorough planning process to design the trip of your dreams
  • Suggest a complete itinerary catered to your tastes and provide a digital road book with all the information you’ll need before and during your trip
  • Help you book your trip at the best possible price


Why is it important to carefully plan your adventure vacation?

Some travellers like to jump on a plane and leave it all to improvisation. And as much as I believe it’s a good practice when you go on a long-term trip for several months, figuring out everything locally can be exhausting. And when you only have one or two weeks available, this is some precious time you are wasting while you could have done your homework before the trip.

When you don’t have plans,

  • you can spend hours walking around a city with your heavy backpack because you can’t find a room available
  • you can miss that local festival you didn’t know about because you arrived too late
  • you take the chance to end up at a random site and miss a major local place of interest because you got the wrong information
  • And the list goes on!

This is why I believe that when you have a limited amount of time, planning is key. It doesn’t mean that you lose all the spontaneity and excitement of travelling, but you know where you are going and you can concentrate on enjoying your trip rather than planning it.

What makes me a Travel Planning Expert?

Hi, my name is Clément and I am 27 years old.

ClémentPlanning and managing projects are among my best skills, both in my personal and professional life. Therefore, I naturally applied them to the dozens of trips I have organized for myself or my friends. In fact, I have travelled to more than 40 countries on 5 continents.

Travel being my greatest passion in life, I have always managed to travel no matter how many days or how much money I had, and I think it has something to do with good planning!

Besides, I have also been involved professionally in the tourism industry as a tour guide, production coordinator, and a marketing coordinator for 5 years. This means that I know how it works, how the pricing work and many details that outsiders wouldn’t know.

Because of this knowledge of the industry, my friends and family kept asking me for travel advice, which led me to think of becoming a Travel Planning Expert. I want to use my experience and the skills I developed to share my passion for travel and to help other people travel more efficiently, more often and at a better price.

Your Travel Planning Expert

How am I different from a travel agent?

Essentially, travel agents will sell you travel products and earn a commission from those sales. They are incentivized differently depending on which product they sell, so they might sell you what’s actually better for their commission and not for you.


On the other hand, I don’t book any services for you so I can be totally independent in what options I recommend. I will help you go through the buying process and find the best deals but you will be making the transaction directly with the travel provider (airlines, hotels, etc.).

Because of that, I charge a nominal fee for my services that I explain in greater details below.

How does it work?

Step 1: use the form below to tell me briefly about your travel project (or send me an email at You can include your budget, vacation dates, the potential destination(s) you have in mind, and any other detail you would like to share at this stage of the planning.

Then I will happily confirm that I am available to help you and we can proceed to step two.

Step 2: we schedule a 1-hour skype call to discuss your travel tastes and expectations. Prior to the call, I will send you a 100% secure payment form to cover the planning fee. You can refer to the section below for the detailed pricing.

In the two following weeks, I will do my research to suggest a preliminary itinerary.

Step 3: we will book another 1-hour skype session to review my suggestion and hear your feedback. In the next couple days I will put together the final digital road book based on your comments and I will assist you in the payment of the travel services required to be booked in advance (essentially plane tickets and accommodation reservation). Plus, I will remain available by email for any question you may have before your departure.

Step 4: go on your trip and have a blast!



As mentioned above, I will not get any commission from the travel company you’ll book with. That’s why I must charge a fixed fee for my services.

The price covers my time spent planning your trip and the expertise I bring to help you plan the best trip at the best price. I can guarantee that you will save much more than this amount by organizing your trip with me instead of purchasing a pre-organized tour (see the next section for more details on that).

Depending on the length of your trip, the amount of research involved differs which explains the different price points below:

Trip Length:
9 days or less: $350
10-16 days: $450

No matter how many persons are going on your trip, you can share this cost. For 2 persons on an 8-day trip, my fee would equal $175 per traveller. For a group of 4 friends, only $87.5 per person.

For a longer trip, please email me. I think you don’t need as much planning and can leave room for improvisation. Which is great too. As a Travel Planning Expert, I do specialize in optimizing shorter vacations. However, if you need my help, be sure to send me an email I will be happy to help.

Let me show you how much you can save

Here’s a simple example to show you what value I can bring as your Travel Planning Expert:
I recently found a group tour with a well-known, fairly-priced, adventure company offering a trip to Colombia for $1499. This price includes accommodation for 8 days, local or private transportation, entrance to some sites, breakfasts and 3 meals, and excludes the flights and other expenses.

I have been on a very similar trip and it costed me no more than a third of that price for similar services. So even after adding my fees ($500 for the trip + $350 fees), you would still be saving over 40% on that specific trip. Plus, I would make sure that you get the best possible deal on your plane tickets. That’s for a single person. If you travel with a friend or you loved one, you share the $350 fee. Your trip would cost $500 + $175, or $675. You would be saving 55% compared to the $1499 price. How does that sound?

This is a specific example, and it may vary by destination. But overall, going on an independent trip makes you save a lot of money.

Any question? 

Send me an email at and I will be happy to guide you in your quest for the perfect trip 🙂

Tell me about your project:

Please specify when and for how long you want to travel
For dollars, please specify if it's US or Canadian dollars


PS: French is my main language so if you’d like, this can all be done en français!