One Year Adventure

Short time travel is fun, but some countries are just too far to realistically be visited for a week or so.

Because of my thirst to see the world, and my only 3 weeks of annual vacation at my latest job in Canada, I had to find a solution. So in 2016 I did it. I quit my job to travel the world for a full year.

The itinerary

Black = by plane | Green = by train | Red = by bus, car or anything else | Blue = road trip | Currently in : Laos | Next : Vietnam

Video summary per country

Destination 1 | Morocco

Itinerary suggestionOne week in Morocco

Destination 2 | Uzbekistan

Blog post: Why you should go to Uzbekistan for your next vacation
Itinerary suggestion: 
One week in Uzbekistan

Full disclaimer: it can seem ironic to dedicate a website to short term adventure travel while having the luxury of travelling for a full year myself. However, I definitely intend to return to my ”normal” lifestyle after this year and still wanted to share the stories that happen on the road while exploring far-flung destinations like Uzbekistan or Australia!

Plus, plenty of amazing travel blogs already cover in details the nomad lifestyle and long term travel in general so I won’t go into much details.