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Bart for Albania & Jordan
Bart is a Dutch independent adventure traveller fascinated by different cultures, places and people. From troubled regions and abandoned places, to countries that don’t officially exist, his adventures have taken him off-the-beaten-path in 65+ countries. Bart is a strong believer that low-budget travel is fun, leads to more unique experiences and more meaningful interactions with the locals. Check out his website at

Adri for Romania
bioAdrienn Takacs is a Hungarian Freelance Travel Writer and creator of her own blog, She writes mainly about traveling in her home country, Romania, and Eastern Europe. In the last few years she started hiking and blogs also about various outdoor itineraries under her blog.

Simone for Puerto Rico
Simone Neuber is from Cologne, Germany. The only thing she loves more than experimenting with ingredients for her cooking is traveling with her husband and writing about it on their blog A Wanderlusters World. Together they love to explore their destinations off the beaten path and get to know the people and customs of the places they visit. Maybe even getting a new recipe or two.

Brianna for El Salvador
Brianna Rice
is from Michigan, USA. She is a traveler, pastry lover, and owner of the blog, Archives of Adventure. Brianna loves discovering unusual places and fitting travel into her ordinary schedule. Through her writing, she strives to inspire others to love the world and to understand that “what is different, is not necessarily bad or wrong.”

Steph for Bolivia
IMG_5656-2 (2)Steph Dyson is a former English teacher from the UK who left her classroom in 2014 to travel and volunteer in South America. She spent 11 months living in Bolivia, before heading to Peru to continue working for educational charities and writing about her experiences. A volunteering and adventure travel enthusiast, she writes about how others can Travel Adventurously, and Volunteer Meaningfully at Worldly Adventurer.

Hannah for Spain
HannahHannah is the avid adventurer behind the travel blog That Adventurer. She has an insatiable appetite for travel which started at a young age with one of her earliest travel memories being the time she climbed mount Vesuvius aged 6!

Valerie for Italy
ValerieValerie Stimac is the creative force behind her blog, Valerie & Valise. Started in late 2013, she’s been writing about her travels throughout Europe, Asia, and North America since, and has lately taken to working informally with other bloggers on creative and inspiring side projects. She’s also written for Lonely Planet, Yahoo Travel, and Gogobot.

Ayshe for Oman
IMG_0083 copyAyshe Ismail is the author and creator of Life Outside The M25. Having lived in London all her life, in 2014 Ayshe got married and relocated to Muscat all in the space of one-week. Now that’s an adventure! She uses her blog to document her experiences as well as provide information to expats and anyone interested in knowing about life in Oman.

Ana for Senegal
Ana comes from Southern Spain, but you will hardly ever find her there. After a few years living in Germany and Ireland, she found out life without sun was not worthy for her! Now she lives in Istanbul where she teaches Spanish and writes about things she loves in her blog Ani Anywhere.

Valerie for Uruguay & Turkey
Valerie FidanValerie Fidan is the author and creator of Let’s Regale. In 2014, this yoga loving Californian and her husband sold their things, packed their bags to travel the world indefinitely, along with their two dogs. Valerie’s unique insights into the digital nomad life, provide a resource for Millennial travellers to help inspire and plan their next adventure.

Kenny for Taiwan
KennyKenny Lucas from Singapore, is the founder of AlwaysGTG, a travel and lifestyle website made for everyone that love to discover more while on the road.


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