One Week Adventures is a website dedicated to short term adventure travel where a community of passionate travel bloggers from around the world share ideas, advice and itinerary suggestions (meet them here!).

By creating this website, I want to encourage travel enthusiasts to travel more often, even when they think they don’t have enough time.

As an avid reader of travel websites and blogs myself, I noticed that most of them heavily promote long-term travel but too few address the needs of professionals with a short amount of vacation available who still like to organize their own independent trips rather than joining tour groups. The content published here always keep the time constraint in mind and does not require you to quit your job to travel.

A word about me
I was born and raised in France, and am now a proud Permanent Resident of Canada. I also lived a few months in South Korea, Norway, USA, Reunion Island and have visited more than 40 countries in between.
I like to take pictures, all those presented on this website come from my personal travel shots (except when stated otherwise).
But it’s nothing too serious though, I am nowhere near to be called a photographer!

Travel philosophy
Planning a trip always involve two main factors. Time and money. Two factors that pretty much dictate our whole life in general. And for most people, when you have plenty of free time, you don’t have much money, and conversely, when you have money you don’t have much time. Bummer!

When I started to work full time after my studies, I came across this transition with only 3 weeks of time off allowed per year (and I know many employees in North America only get 2!). But I didn’t want to change the way I travel. I organize my own trips and try to stay close to the local population in family-run hostels or guesthouses, in public transportation and off the beaten path whenever possible. However, I would never miss a country’s most visited site like Machu Picchu or the Grand Canyon just because many tourists will be there too.
So I figured I should learn to travel the same way, even when having less time available. It takes more planning and give you less flexibility unfortunately, but it is still 100% feasible. This website is here to help you do the same and travel every time you can, no matter how much free time you have.

The good thing when you plan everything in advance is that you can enjoy the destination without having to care about the logistics of your trip. No need to figure out where to go next or where to sleep. It’s all planned already, in the comfort of your home before the trip has even started!

And if you live in Europe and are lucky enough to have 4 to 6+ weeks of annual vacations, I would still recommend One Week Adventures as a way to travel more often and go on more trips per year.

So I hope you’ll like what you read here and thank you for dropping by!

PS: English is only my second language so you may encounter funny grammar from time to time, I apologize in advance 🙂


Please send any comment or suggestion you might have, I’d love to hear from you.
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You can email me at clement@oneweekadventures.com

Affiliate disclosure

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