3 Easy ways to make money while booking your vacation

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When you think ”vacation” it’s usually money going out of your pocket. But what if I told you it can also be the other way around. In this post, I show you 3 easy ways to make money while you book your next trip.


Have you heard of the website TRVL?
They recently launched their updated version which allows you to make a commission on every hotel booking you make for yourself or your friends and family. In other words, you can now earn money as an amateur travel agent.

You can bookmark it now for the next time you plan a trip and I strongly recommend you to open an account and consider booking on their platform. Plus, they use Booking.com and Hotels.com back-end systems so you are sure to find a very large hotel choice at a competitive price.
They give a few examples of what your commission can look like depending on what you book:

  • City trip to New York City for 2 people for 3 nights: $100
  • Family trip to Mexico for 4 people for 7 nights: $250
  • Long haul to Europe for 2 people for 14 nights: $450

Pretty cool, right?

The commission is paid 30 to 60 days after the trip is finished and TRVL then send you the money via Transferwise.

OPTION #2: Ebates

Here’s a very simple way to save a few percent off any travel expense: simply sign up on Ebates and save 4% on Accor Hotels, up to 8% on Expedia, 4.5% on Holiday Inn Express, 2% on Enterprise rent-a-car, and more when you shop with dozens of other renowned travel companies.

You can sign up and check it out for yourself here:

If you live in another country you can still use the links and access the international site section.

Ebates earn commissions from vendors and redistribute a part of it to their customers. It’s that simple. The good thing is, it doesn’t work only on travel, you can find hundreds of stores where you usually shop online like Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Microsoft, Gap, Patagonia, the NHL and NFL stores, and over 700 more brands! Small amounts eventually add up, plus that’s money you would leave on the table while making your regular purchases elsewhere!

Additional tip: after you sign up, refer your friends and get an additional $5 (yes, that’s what I’m doing here ? ). And they currently have a special offer where you earn $50 if two of your friends join the program (valid until Sept 30, 2017).

OPTION #3: Affiliate programs

Most brands selling online offer affiliate programs.
If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s a system where you get a commission when you refer a new client to a company. It usually works with a unique link attached to your account that you can share with your friends and family (or your audience if you have a blog or website).

The trick is, you don’t necessarily have to refer another person than yourself to get the commission.
Let’s say you create your affiliate account, then you just have to use your own link when you buy or book with this specific supplier. Simply use a different email address and it will work. A simple Google search will show you dozens of affiliate programs. Some will require that you have your own blog to promote their products but some don’t.

Here’s a few you can start with:

  • Booking.com
  • Lonely Planet : get 15% commission when you buy one of their guides
  • TourRadar : earn 5% on bookings
  • Lonely Planet and TourRadar are both accessible under the affiliate platform CJ, where you will find hundreds of affiliate programs.

You can apply this strategy to virtually all products and services you buy online. For example, if you want to create your own blog and need hosting services. Instead of using someone else’s link for Bluehost, create your own affiliate account and then use your own link under a different email address. (Simply use your Facebook account as your URL for example if you don’t own a website).