The 10 Best Things to Do in Quebec

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About eight years ago, I decided to move permanently to Quebec. This is a place I am now proud to call home. Here’s a list of my favorite places to visit and top things to do in Quebec.


Whether you arrive by plane, train, or car you will almost definitely start your trip in Montreal. Pick up a guide to spending a day in Montreal and discover the best of the city before exploring the rest of the province.

Québec City

The province’s capital and oldest city is where you should head to feel the European heritage. You will be charmed by the narrow streets, old architecture, and spectacular views of the Saint Lawrence River from the Château Frontenac terrace.

Forillon National Park

Tadoussac is the most common place to go whale watching in Quebec. But for a more intimate and memorable experience, I highly recommend to go all the way to Forillon National Park. Whale season is from July to September every year.

River Surfing

Did you know you can surf in a river? Montreal is one of the few places where you can try this unusual sport. There’s no need to be an expert. You can rent your gear and take a lesson to get you started on the Saint Lawrence River.


Montreal should be renamed the festival capital of the world. From June to September, the festivals never stop. One after the other, they offer something for everyone. But it’s not only in Montreal. Everywhere in Quebec, you’ll find local festivals happening throughout the year.

Poutine and Beer

You can’t leave Quebec without trying Poutine at least once! (or more). This traditional dish is not upscale, but it has become a classic that everyone enjoys. Make sure to combine it with some of the finest local beers from one of the many microbreweries.

Canoe Camping

Image via Flickr by Antilope2

Rent a canoe, row for a few hours, find a nice place to camp, start a fire, and enjoy the night. Start again the next day for as long as you want. That’s how we experience nature and our thousands of lakes. Poisson Blanc Regional Park is a great place to go canoe camping.


With so many national parks, hiking options are virtually endless. From beginner to advanced multi-day treks, you will definitely find a trail that suits you. Right between Montreal and Quebec City, Mauricie National Park is one that offers great views with accessible hikes. It’s also a great place to see fall foliage.

Winter Trip

You haven’t really experienced Quebec until you visit during the winter. Festivals come one after another, and outdoor activities abound. You can partake in skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, dogsledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and more.

Road Trip

When you travel in Quebec, renting a car is definitely the option I recommend. Hours spent on the road actually become a highlight of your trip as you roam across the territory.

Quebec is a place you should experience on multiple trips at different times year, so don’t expect to check them all off your list at once. But if you’re ready to plan your first trip here, summer is definitely the right choice. Come see for yourself!